Month: January 2010

Be the Gift You Are

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”. ~Calvin Coolidge

You Are A Gift!

Yes.  It is true.  You are a gift.

Your presence here on this Earth is a gift.

BE that gift.  Whatever it is.  How ever it shows up.  Just be that wonderful, joyous, bliss-filled gift you truly are inside.

Be Superman.

Be Batman.

Be ______ (whatever superhero you are!).


I Can Hear You…

“But I don’t know how!”

Well, then here’s some help for you to claim your super-powers and be the gift you are.

Much Gratitude for YOU!


Trust Myself? You Must Be Joking…

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”  ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Yes.  Unfortunately, you have to trust yourself.  I know.  That’s got to be the most difficult task ever.  Right?

But as I discussed yesterday it would be great to step into the fullness of who we really are.  It would be magical to become that which we innately are, to embody our inner Superman.

In order to do that, we must trust ourselves.  Notice that I am using “we” and “our” because I have not fully arrived either.  I still pretend that I am “Clark Kent” in certain areas of my life as well.  The more I trust myself to be Superman, the more I am able to step into that.

Trust Is A Big Issue

Many people put a lot of weight on trust.  There are all kinds of excuses about WHY people cannot trust themselves.  There are a multitude of

“But you don’t know what I’ve been through.”
“(This) happened to me.”
“I’ve never been able to trust myself.”
“I always make the wrong decision.”

And on and on the list of excuses goes.  I’m going to be frank…they are JUST excuses.  There is no reason to not trust yourself.

Life’s A Journey

Our lives are a journey that we embark on for various reasons.  And each event along our life’s journey is there for a reason.  It may not be clear then, but there is a reason.  Always.

Each “wrong decision” was not a wrong decision.  It was simply a choice made along the journey.  That choice has a reason.  It has a purpose.  Every choice we make is just a choice.

You Are Superman

Do you think Superman would sweat over a purchase he made at the department store?  Would he toil over which movie to see?

Not likely.  It’s just a choice.

We, I mean the “inner Superman,” has tremendous inner power and potency that we systematically hide from the world and convince ourselves does not exist.  How silly is that?!

Why Do We Hide?


Yes, we’re back to that.

We hide our true selves and our inner strength and power because we do not trust ourselves.  We do not trust that we are strong enough to handle it…criticism, laughing, adversity or whatever else.

Remember, we not only hide our power from others, we convince ourselves it’s not real.  So, we convince ourselves that the ridicule of others would be too much to bear.

Are you kidding me?!?  You.  Are.  Superman!!!  Inside, nothing is too much to bear.  Our inner strength and power is so immense and great that there is nothing we can’t handle.  Nothing.


Claim It

Claim, own, acknowledge your inner Superman.  Give him a great big hug and tell him how much you’ve missed him.  And maybe apologize for pretending he wasn’t real.

Then get out there and trust yourself and BE Superman!  Live the joyous and exuberant life you were created to live!

What Superhero Are You Pretending You’re Not?

It’s strange how things happen sometimes.  I woke up this morning about 5am…I’m guessing.  I didn’t even look at the clock because I just knew it was early.  But at 5am in the dark, stillness of my room, I could not stop thinking about Superman and Clark Kent.  And I was thinking:  Seriously?  Superman?  It’s 5am!  Really?

Later in the day when I was awake, I pondered again why I had thought about Superman and Clark Kent.  Then I became aware of this:  So I could share with you!! Aw, aren’t you so special?  This post goes well with Be YOU…and Change the World.

Superheroes and Their Human Persona

Every superhero (that I know of) has a human persona.  Superman is Clark Kent.  Batman is Bruce Wayne.  Spiderman is Peter Parker.  And on and on.

But why do these amazing people live two lives?  Why are they Clark Kent by day and Superman by emergency only?


We’ll use Superman because he was the first one I thought of at 5am in the dark of my bedroom.

Superman has amazing talents like x-ray vision and flying and super-human strength.  Now, all these things are good, right?  Except they aren’t.

If the people of Metropolis saw Clark Kent flying through the sky, they’d FREAK!  They’d say:  That’s impossible.  Who does he think he is?  People can’t just FLY. They would NOT be happy.

But when Superman flies, it’s all good.  Because Superman is a hero.  He’s only around in that moment of sheer terror when you don’t care who or what rescues you as long as something does.

Clark Kent

He’s just your average guy, right?  A “mild-mannered reporter” for The Daily Planet. He’s nothing special.

Except that he is!!!

Superman Pretends He Is Clark Kent

It’s true.  Superman is Superman.  He only pretends that he is Clark Kent so he can fit in with the regular crowd and not stand out.  He only pretends that he is this average guy.  He pretends that he’s just like everyone else.  He is really Superman!! X-ray vision and all.

Which Superhero Are YOU?

What special talents and abilities do you have, that you hide from the world by pretending you are “you” instead of being YOU?  Really?  Take a look.  Who do you pretend you are so you can hide who you really are?  OK.  You may not have x-ray vision, but you have something that no one else has.  You bring something to the table that no one else can bring!

Why Is That Wrong?

Why is being different wrong?  Why did we make hiding ourselves the status quo?  How cool would we be if we could each be as cool as we really are???  What fun!!!

I’ll Step Up

I’m stepping up and claiming my cool-ness!  I’d like to invite you to do the same.  If you require some help, feel free to get it! But step into the cool-ness that you are!  Be YOU!  Whatever YOU is!

Imagine how different Metropolis might have been if Superman was Superman ALL the time, not only for emergencies.

And what if each individual steps up and claims their inner Superhero??  How different might OUR world be?

Much Gratitude,

Be YOU…and Change the World

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

I love this quote.  And I have a slightly different spin on it…given to me by my mentor, Gary Douglas.  Gary says, “Be you and change the world.”

Gandhi and Gary

They are similar in that they each ask us to embody something in order to effect change.  Gandhi asks us to embody the change we would like to see in the world, in my point of view.  So, an example of this might be…If we’d like to see more peace on this planet, then we must embody peace.  Right?  Makes sense.  Gary asks us to embody our true selves in order to effect change in the world.  In this regard, we must become the fullness of what we were created to be on this planet in order to effect the changes we desire to be.

And in my point of view, nature shows us this type of embodiment each and every day…all over the planet.

What Nature Teaches

The birds do not hide their feathers.
The horse does not minimize his gallop to conceal his power and grace.
The dog does not downplay his pure bliss in receiving a new toy.
The flowers and trees do not stiffen to stop the wind from swaying them.
The grass does not wilt to keep its greenery a secret.
The sun does not diminish its brightness to veil its glory.
The mountains do not suppress their majesty.

Instead, each of these displays their unique gift and beauty for all to see.   It knows that to BE what it was designed to be is what makes an impact on the world.  If the sun wished to hide its gift from all of us, how might that affect the world?  So, how might we affect the world if we BE what we are created to be.

The Lesson We Might Learn

If we choose, we can gain valuable insights here.  How often do we hide ourselves from the world?  How much of our true selves to we amputate in order to “fit in” with friends or family or co-workers?  Does this serve us?  Them?  The world?

We were each given unique talents and abilities by God, the universe, whatever you believe or don’t believe in.  But we each have something we bring to the table that no one else can offer.

Is That Wrong?

Does that seem crazy to even ask?

But we make it wrong!  We take these incredible talents, gifts and abilities and we basically say:  No.  That’s not right.  I can’t have that gift.  There’s something wrong with me because I’m not like everyone else.

How boring would this planet be if we were all the same?!?

What You Can Do

If you choose, you can begin today to change this!

Ask questions of yourself…What am I hiding that is really a gift?  What unique talents do I have?  Who am I really, deep down inside?  What would be fun for me?

You don’t have to have an answer to all those questions right away.  You may even come up with your own, completely different set of questions.  Either way, just start asking.  And then allow the space in your head for the answers to come to you.

Skip the Judgment

Don’t judge what you think your answer should be.  And don’t judge what answers come up.  Just allow whatever shows up to show up for you.

Then you can begin to be YOU!

Much Gratitude,

Stop Thinking So Much

What we call “thinking”, is actually mainly about doubting. You wind up in all kinds of emotions – “I can’t do this, what am I doing here?” – and you don’t achieve your aim.

(excerpt from article in Ode Magazine

What good is thinking anyway?

I mean, really?  What good is it?  If you say, “Yea, I’m thinking about doing that,” are you actually doing anything?!  Is there any real action involved in thinking?  Yet, we waste so much time thinking.

We think about what car to buy.
We think about what to wear.
What to eat.
Where to go.
What to do.
We even think about our purpose on the planet.

But with all that thinking, we never actually do or be anything.  We are stagnant.  Just sitting there on our laurels thinking about everything.

Live Life

How about we live life?  Take some action.  Get out there and breathe the air…feel the energy of this amazing place and be grateful we are here to experience it!  Soak up some gratitude.  Find some JOY.  Experience living.

Truth is…taking some kind of action is better than no action at all, even if it turns out it’s the “wrong” action.  And truth is we’ll never know it’s the “wrong” action unless we actually take it!!

That’s what some people refer to as living!


So, my invitation to you this day is to get up off your laurels and take some action.  I know I am…I am heading to the barn today to ride my horse.  I could sit and think about him, or think about the laundry that needs folding, but truth is…I’d rather be atop his back riding in harmony with him than just thinking about anything else!

The Image of YOU…The Image of JOY

As Michelangelo once said about sculpture: ‘The image is already in the marble, all I do is cut away everything that is not the image.’

The Image of You

What do you look like?  What is the image of you?  Not your physical appearance.  Not the clothes you wear.  Not the title you bear at work or in life.  But YOU…the real, deep down, inside YOU.

Do you even know what YOU looks like?  Many people don’t.  I’m still finding out, personally.  So, don’t judge yourself as wrong if you read this and think:  How the heck should I know? You are not alone!


Do you know that your innate nature is one of joy?  We often view joy as an emotion much like happiness or sadness or anger.  In my interesting point of view, joy is a state of being.  Happiness and anger can come and go as our circumstances change over time.  Joy is the essence of who we are.  It’s inside each of us.  We can choose joy in fabulous times of abundance.  We can choose joy in hardship and trying times.  But it’s always there.  We don’t have to be “happy” about our current circumstances, but we can certainly be joyful in all things.

Shaping the sculpture

Now, I am not an artist…well, not a sculptor or painter anyway.  I suppose I am an artist of a different sort.  But in reference to the quote above, if we desire to reach the image inside, we need only remove everything that is not the image.

If the image inside is JOY, then we only need to remove those things which are not joy!  That seems simple enough.

I said, “SIMPLE”…not easy.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be easy.  Or it can be rough.  I guess that’s mostly up to the artist.

The Artist

Each of us is the artist of our own sculpture.  We each remove things that are not our essence each day, each week, each year…to find the true US at the center of it all.

An artist does not often say, “My sculpture didn’t turn out the way I wanted because so-and-so called me names.”  But how often do we do that in our lives?

Take control of your sculpture now.  Become the artist.  Remove the things that are incongruent with your true self..the real YOU.  Choose JOY.

Help is ready to assist…

And if you require some assistance, please consider this as an option.

Much Gratitude for you and who you BE!

New Year…New Possibilities

For anyone who knows me…you would then know that 2009 was quite a whirlwind of a year.  Lots of crazy stuff going on.  But I managed to not just survive 2009!  I made 2009 my best year…and 2010 is looking even better.

Then I began to ponder…How might I help others thrive in the midst of the turmoil of their lives?  How might I encourage others to make 2010 their best year?  And it all became clear.

So, now I’d like to help you thrive in 2010.

All you have to do is choose it!

In case you want a little history…

In 2009, I began a process of change in my life.  It was an essential step in going for my dreams and the life I desired.  But, unfortunately, this step endured much turmoil, drama and resistance.  And yet, I thrived.  I was accused of unspeakable things and called all sorts of names.  And yet, I continued to thrive.  I was put through tests and trials.  Still…I thrive.

Had this occurred even a year earlier, you might have found me on the floor, in the fetal position, crying and sucking my thumb.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, the difference is that in 2009, I used some very simple and effective tools that became the keys that kept me from becoming the effect of the events in my life and the choices that people around me were making.

Where do you fit in?

Now, I’d like to help others..possibly you, or a friend..thrive in 2010!!  I’d like to see others go for their dreams and hit the mark on their targets with such ease that they are left scratching their heads in wonder!!

Are you ready?
Would you like 2010 to be your best year?
Would you like to go for your dreams?
OK..maybe not you, but how about your sister, cousin, neighbor…maybe they would like to go for their dreams??

What if you could learn the simple tools that I’ve used to create an abundance of ease in your own life?  What if when something throws you for a loop, it lasted minutes instead of days or weeks?  What if you’re bounce-back time from stressful situations could be reduced by 90% or more?  What if other people’s drama was just that…other people’s?  What if their drama no longer affected you?

Sound too good to be true?

I thought so too.  But then I learned these 10 simple keys that did all of that and more.  And now, I’d like to share them with you.  I’d like to help you (or someone you know) achieve exuberant living!

Here it is!

What will you choose?

You can go here to register…

Or not…