The Image of YOU…The Image of JOY

As Michelangelo once said about sculpture: ‘The image is already in the marble, all I do is cut away everything that is not the image.’

The Image of You

What do you look like?  What is the image of you?  Not your physical appearance.  Not the clothes you wear.  Not the title you bear at work or in life.  But YOU…the real, deep down, inside YOU.

Do you even know what YOU looks like?  Many people don’t.  I’m still finding out, personally.  So, don’t judge yourself as wrong if you read this and think:  How the heck should I know? You are not alone!


Do you know that your innate nature is one of joy?  We often view joy as an emotion much like happiness or sadness or anger.  In my interesting point of view, joy is a state of being.  Happiness and anger can come and go as our circumstances change over time.  Joy is the essence of who we are.  It’s inside each of us.  We can choose joy in fabulous times of abundance.  We can choose joy in hardship and trying times.  But it’s always there.  We don’t have to be “happy” about our current circumstances, but we can certainly be joyful in all things.

Shaping the sculpture

Now, I am not an artist…well, not a sculptor or painter anyway.  I suppose I am an artist of a different sort.  But in reference to the quote above, if we desire to reach the image inside, we need only remove everything that is not the image.

If the image inside is JOY, then we only need to remove those things which are not joy!  That seems simple enough.

I said, “SIMPLE”…not easy.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be easy.  Or it can be rough.  I guess that’s mostly up to the artist.

The Artist

Each of us is the artist of our own sculpture.  We each remove things that are not our essence each day, each week, each year…to find the true US at the center of it all.

An artist does not often say, “My sculpture didn’t turn out the way I wanted because so-and-so called me names.”  But how often do we do that in our lives?

Take control of your sculpture now.  Become the artist.  Remove the things that are incongruent with your true self..the real YOU.  Choose JOY.

Help is ready to assist…

And if you require some assistance, please consider this as an option.

Much Gratitude for you and who you BE!


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