Stop Thinking So Much

What we call “thinking”, is actually mainly about doubting. You wind up in all kinds of emotions – “I can’t do this, what am I doing here?” – and you don’t achieve your aim.

(excerpt from article in Ode Magazine

What good is thinking anyway?

I mean, really?  What good is it?  If you say, “Yea, I’m thinking about doing that,” are you actually doing anything?!  Is there any real action involved in thinking?  Yet, we waste so much time thinking.

We think about what car to buy.
We think about what to wear.
What to eat.
Where to go.
What to do.
We even think about our purpose on the planet.

But with all that thinking, we never actually do or be anything.  We are stagnant.  Just sitting there on our laurels thinking about everything.

Live Life

How about we live life?  Take some action.  Get out there and breathe the air…feel the energy of this amazing place and be grateful we are here to experience it!  Soak up some gratitude.  Find some JOY.  Experience living.

Truth is…taking some kind of action is better than no action at all, even if it turns out it’s the “wrong” action.  And truth is we’ll never know it’s the “wrong” action unless we actually take it!!

That’s what some people refer to as living!


So, my invitation to you this day is to get up off your laurels and take some action.  I know I am…I am heading to the barn today to ride my horse.  I could sit and think about him, or think about the laundry that needs folding, but truth is…I’d rather be atop his back riding in harmony with him than just thinking about anything else!


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