Be YOU…and Change the World

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

I love this quote.  And I have a slightly different spin on it…given to me by my mentor, Gary Douglas.  Gary says, “Be you and change the world.”

Gandhi and Gary

They are similar in that they each ask us to embody something in order to effect change.  Gandhi asks us to embody the change we would like to see in the world, in my point of view.  So, an example of this might be…If we’d like to see more peace on this planet, then we must embody peace.  Right?  Makes sense.  Gary asks us to embody our true selves in order to effect change in the world.  In this regard, we must become the fullness of what we were created to be on this planet in order to effect the changes we desire to be.

And in my point of view, nature shows us this type of embodiment each and every day…all over the planet.

What Nature Teaches

The birds do not hide their feathers.
The horse does not minimize his gallop to conceal his power and grace.
The dog does not downplay his pure bliss in receiving a new toy.
The flowers and trees do not stiffen to stop the wind from swaying them.
The grass does not wilt to keep its greenery a secret.
The sun does not diminish its brightness to veil its glory.
The mountains do not suppress their majesty.

Instead, each of these displays their unique gift and beauty for all to see.   It knows that to BE what it was designed to be is what makes an impact on the world.  If the sun wished to hide its gift from all of us, how might that affect the world?  So, how might we affect the world if we BE what we are created to be.

The Lesson We Might Learn

If we choose, we can gain valuable insights here.  How often do we hide ourselves from the world?  How much of our true selves to we amputate in order to “fit in” with friends or family or co-workers?  Does this serve us?  Them?  The world?

We were each given unique talents and abilities by God, the universe, whatever you believe or don’t believe in.  But we each have something we bring to the table that no one else can offer.

Is That Wrong?

Does that seem crazy to even ask?

But we make it wrong!  We take these incredible talents, gifts and abilities and we basically say:  No.  That’s not right.  I can’t have that gift.  There’s something wrong with me because I’m not like everyone else.

How boring would this planet be if we were all the same?!?

What You Can Do

If you choose, you can begin today to change this!

Ask questions of yourself…What am I hiding that is really a gift?  What unique talents do I have?  Who am I really, deep down inside?  What would be fun for me?

You don’t have to have an answer to all those questions right away.  You may even come up with your own, completely different set of questions.  Either way, just start asking.  And then allow the space in your head for the answers to come to you.

Skip the Judgment

Don’t judge what you think your answer should be.  And don’t judge what answers come up.  Just allow whatever shows up to show up for you.

Then you can begin to be YOU!

Much Gratitude,


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