What Superhero Are You Pretending You’re Not?

It’s strange how things happen sometimes.  I woke up this morning about 5am…I’m guessing.  I didn’t even look at the clock because I just knew it was early.  But at 5am in the dark, stillness of my room, I could not stop thinking about Superman and Clark Kent.  And I was thinking:  Seriously?  Superman?  It’s 5am!  Really?

Later in the day when I was awake, I pondered again why I had thought about Superman and Clark Kent.  Then I became aware of this:  So I could share with you!! Aw, aren’t you so special?  This post goes well with Be YOU…and Change the World.

Superheroes and Their Human Persona

Every superhero (that I know of) has a human persona.  Superman is Clark Kent.  Batman is Bruce Wayne.  Spiderman is Peter Parker.  And on and on.

But why do these amazing people live two lives?  Why are they Clark Kent by day and Superman by emergency only?


We’ll use Superman because he was the first one I thought of at 5am in the dark of my bedroom.

Superman has amazing talents like x-ray vision and flying and super-human strength.  Now, all these things are good, right?  Except they aren’t.

If the people of Metropolis saw Clark Kent flying through the sky, they’d FREAK!  They’d say:  That’s impossible.  Who does he think he is?  People can’t just FLY. They would NOT be happy.

But when Superman flies, it’s all good.  Because Superman is a hero.  He’s only around in that moment of sheer terror when you don’t care who or what rescues you as long as something does.

Clark Kent

He’s just your average guy, right?  A “mild-mannered reporter” for The Daily Planet. He’s nothing special.

Except that he is!!!

Superman Pretends He Is Clark Kent

It’s true.  Superman is Superman.  He only pretends that he is Clark Kent so he can fit in with the regular crowd and not stand out.  He only pretends that he is this average guy.  He pretends that he’s just like everyone else.  He is really Superman!! X-ray vision and all.

Which Superhero Are YOU?

What special talents and abilities do you have, that you hide from the world by pretending you are “you” instead of being YOU?  Really?  Take a look.  Who do you pretend you are so you can hide who you really are?  OK.  You may not have x-ray vision, but you have something that no one else has.  You bring something to the table that no one else can bring!

Why Is That Wrong?

Why is being different wrong?  Why did we make hiding ourselves the status quo?  How cool would we be if we could each be as cool as we really are???  What fun!!!

I’ll Step Up

I’m stepping up and claiming my cool-ness!  I’d like to invite you to do the same.  If you require some help, feel free to get it! But step into the cool-ness that you are!  Be YOU!  Whatever YOU is!

Imagine how different Metropolis might have been if Superman was Superman ALL the time, not only for emergencies.

And what if each individual steps up and claims their inner Superhero??  How different might OUR world be?

Much Gratitude,



  1. I love Superman!!!!! Always have. Based upon what you are saying and what you know about me, that kind of makes sense huh Sarah!! Someone else told me its called coming out of the spiritual closet! 🙂 So hey, let’s all step up our game. I am and thanks for sharing this. If you have any more dreams about superheroes, please share them !!

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