Are You Aware Of The Truth?

Truth exists, only falsehood has to be invented. ~Georges Braque

I read this quote and was deeply touched by its meaning.  I’ve experienced some pretty turbulent times over the last year and much of it can be summed up, right here, in this quote.  Isn’t that interesting?

What Truth?

I’d like to reflect here, on the truth of who I am, who you are, who we are.  The deep inner truth of the real US.

What is that exactly, you may find yourself asking?  Quite honestly, I cannot answer that for you.  I cannot tell you who YOU are or what YOU are.  That could possibly be, yet another, falsehood.  Only you know who YOU are.

Only YOU Know!

I would like to emphasize this point:  ONLY YOU KNOW. Others do not know, although they often pretend to know and then impart their, albeit inaccurate, wisdom on you.  They often choose some of your darkest moments in which to do it also.  Isn’t that kind of them?  Or NOT!

Only you know the truth of who you are.  Only you know who resides deep inside.

Here are a few ideas though to get your juices flowing:

Most people I know who are procrastinators are not actually lazy, although they appear as such and are often referred to as such.  Most people I know who procrastinate are such hard working individuals that they become overwhelmed by their own drive and desire to achieve!  They desire to do well and they desire to work hard and so they take on numerous projects and then become overwhelmed to the point of non-action.

Many people I know who appear to “the public” to be a little cold or callus are not.  They actually care SO deeply and SO profoundly that they have to be protective of themselves in who they allow themselves to care for.

Look at these examples and look at YOU.  Ask yourself some questions.  Find out who you are through your own little discovery mission.  It can be quite fun.

I Can Tell You This

You are not mean.
You are not cruel.
You are not ugly.
You are not lazy.
You are not stupid.
You are not any of those negative things that people say to cut you down in order to make themselves appear superior.

They are all falsehoods invented by someone else & ultimately bought by you as truth…but they are not true!

Much Gratitude,


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