A Step at a Time

You don’t say I’m gonna build the biggest, bad-est wall out there, you don’t start there…you say, I’m gonna lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid…and you do this every single day…and soon you *have* a wall. ~Will Smith

I love this quote and what it embodies!  It’s so easy to lose sight of the daily work when we only look at the end result.  From there it’s so easy to fall into a way of thinking that we’re not good enough or fast enough or whatever because we only have one row of bricks.

The Wall

Targets are great to have.  Really, it’s wonderful to have an end result on which to focus our attention to keep us aligned with the living we are choosing for ourselves.


So often we lose sight of the progress we’re making because we can only see the result or target.  We can only see this big looming wall in front of us.

The Bricks

We forget that it took 5,000 bricks to make this big looming wall!  We completely take the bricks out of the equation.  We also take out the time and attention it takes to lay the brick so that the wall is stable and will stand.  Aren’t we funny??!

Daily Bricks

If we lay a brick every single day and we lay that brick as straight and level and plumb and all that other construction verbiage, then over time we will have a very small wall.  Then a half wall.  Then a tall-ish wall.  Then, ultimately, we will hit our target of a big looming wall.


We have to lay the bricks FIRST!!!

Without the bricks there is no wall.  Without straight bricks there is no wall…or there won’t be one for long!

My Invitation

Lay your bricks each and every day as straight and perfect as you can.  Go back and tear a few out every once in a while if you find they aren’t quite right.  But lay those perfect bricks so that your target of a big looming wall is not only attainable, but it becomes more and more easy with time.

Each carefully laid brick will ultimately make the next brick even more easy to get just right, just as a brick that is crooked will easily throw your whole wall outta whack.

And with ease carefully laid brick, your beautiful looming wall will begin to emerge.


Then sit back, have a glass of lemonade and relish in the glory of your big looming wall!!

Much Gratitude,


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