On Purpose

I was introduced to a new idea this week.  Well, not actually a new idea, but it was presented in such a way that it hit as being “new.”

I’d like to say that you may get to a certain point here & really not desire to read any further.  But I promise you that if you read through to the end, you could get something that may just change the entire trajectory of your life…for the better.  So, even if you hate me or want to kill me, please read to the end.  Don’t leave yourself in that bad place.

Here we go…..


In life, we all have dreams.  We all have those things that we desire to do before our time on this amazing planet is up.  There is this list of items that “when I grow up, I’d like to….” that we all have.

Some have given up on this list.

Some are still in pursuit of it, but feel that it’s always just out of reach.

How about you?!  Are you still out there, going for your dreams?  Have you given up?  Either response is fine here.  Here, it is OK and completely allowed if you say, “I’ve just given up.  There’s no hope.”  It’s OK to say, “I feel like it’s never gonna happen.  It’s right out there & I just can’t get to it.”  It’s all OK.  It’s all welcome!


Each day we all have priorities.  Those things on which we place our focus or attention.  What are your priorities?  Look at where you spend the bulk of your time and energy.  What are those things?  Your top 5?  Go ahead…I’ll wait.  Get a piece of paper and pen & write down the 5 things that, right now, in this week, take the bulk of your time and attention.

For me, getting my children taken care of and house stuff tends to be near the top of my list.  Also, work is on the list.  My number 1 priority, at this point in my life, is the continual and conscious growth and development of me.  It’s the one thing I put the most attention on.  Riding my horse is on the list, although it’s near the bottom and sometimes gets bumped right off, sadly.  Making money…definitely on the list…pretty high up there.

Dreams and Priorities

If your priorities are not in line with your dreams, those dreams will always be just out of reach.  I’m sorry.  But it is true.

For example….

I would like to show my horse.  It’s been a dream of mine for he and I to rise through the levels of dressage and strut our stuff together in the arena.  It would be great fun to show the world what we are capable of (or at least the state of MN, if not the world).  And yet, riding my horse is not a top priority.  As I stated above, it sometimes gets bumped right off the list altogether.

So, bearing that in mind, do I truly have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever showing my horse?  Really?

The answer is NO!

In order to show and do well and advance, I must get out there and ride.  Yet, it is not a priority.

Now are you seeing it?

Can you see that if the thing that you say you desire most is not on your list of priorities, it will always be just out of reach?  It will always be a dream?

Can you see that if it’s not on my priority list to ride my horse, I am just kidding myself that we will ever get to a show and advance through the levels??  I am totally kidding myself!!  It’s not on my priority list..it’s never gonna happen!!

I won’t leave you here!

I know, right now you may be feeling a bit like you wanna kill me.  Or that you hate me.  Or that I’m dead wrong.

I promise, I am giving you a way out of this!

The way out…

The first step is seeing what your actual priorities are versus what you would like them to be.  Seeing where you actually spend your time and attention.

Because once you look at it, you can make another choice!

Then look at your dream list.  Pick the top thing on your dream list that you’d like to set in motion.  Google a bullseye/target, print it off, and place this item…either printed words or a picture…in the center.  This is your target!

Now, what steps are required to get you to that target?  What daily actions are necessary to get you on target every single day?

Using my example, with ‘showing dressage’ as my target, what steps are required to get me there?  Riding at least 5 days a week.  Lessons and/or training for Major and I.  And eventually, some show accessories…jacket, new bridle, etc.  What else?  (I’m sure there’s more, but this is a start.)


What can I institute, create and generate today that will bring me on target?

What small step can I take today to bring me closer to my target of _______?

*Before bed*  What can I let go of tonight that will allow me to change, choose and institute everything I desire in my life/living/bank account/business/(insert target here) with total ease?

Hint:  Asking these questions will bring into your mind and awareness what is necessary to bring you closer to your dreams.

Get your priorities in line with your dreams.

Live your life on purpose!  Each morning when you rise, do those things which bring you closer to your target.  Be on purpose every single day.

When faced with a task, ask:  Will this bring me closer to my target?  If the answer is “no” then why would you choose it??????

Today, I am getting my priorities and dreams back in sync.  I’m heading to the barn for a ride.  Major may fall down in shock to see me there, but I am going!

What will you do today to get on purpose with your dreams and targets?  I’d love to hear from you!

Much gratitude,

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!



  1. I stumbled upon your words – they hit home. What a unique perspective. Thanks for the Printed Words (the name of my blog – so Google alerted me to your post) What a happy accident. I’m going to try this and remember it.

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