You Are the Sky

On this beautiful planet, we have all types of weather…from mild, gentle rains to torrential downpours and earthquakes or hurricanes.  Different parts of the planet experience different weather patterns.  Where I live, I have no need to worry about a tsunami.  Where my parents live, there is little concern over experiencing blizzard conditions.

Weather is all around us, all the time.

When we are down here on the planet, it is easy to be intimidated by bad weather conditions.  It is natural to be intimidated by a tornado coming at your house or something similar.  People have been killed by tornadoes.

The Sky

The sky is not intimidated by the weather.  The sky is unaffected by the weather.  Weather moves in and out.

The sky has no point of view.  It does not say to itself, “Sky, now that there’s a tornado out there, I am not the same that I was before.  That tornado changed who I am.”

No.  The sky doesn’t say that.  The sky allows the weather to move in, move through and continue on its journey.

You Are the Sky

Troublesome times may come into your life.  And it can be easy in the midst of adversity to forget who we are…to forget how wonderful and amazing we are.  It can be easy to feel small and insignificant in the midst of the storm.

But if you can remember, in the middle of the storm, that you are the sky.  If you can remember to allow the storm to move in and through and continue on its journey…if you can just know that you are the sky…you can choose from a completely different place what next step to take.

You are not small and feeble on the planet.

You Are Potent Beyond Measure

So, what can you institute each day and every day to allow yourself to know that you are the sky?

Much gratitude!

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory!


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