Month: October 2010


There is much talk around today…a lot…about “Save the Planet.”  People talk about recycling and “going green” and reusing.  What if that is not what will save the planet?  What if there is more required?

Destructive Forces

Can we all agree that some of the most destructive forces on Earth are forces such as:


It’s not a complete list, but these are definitely on the list, correct?

What if…

What if these destructive forces, combined with others like them, are far more detrimental and destructive to the Earth than any kind of paper use or making plastic.  What if the vibrations of anger, apathy and resentment damage the Earth more than the annihilation of any rain forest?

Just a thought…

Generative Forces

If there are destructive forces, then there are also generative forces.  Some of those might look like:


Again, not a complete list, but you get the idea.

Generate Our Planet

What would it be like if we generated our planet, instead of destroying the planet?  Not only with recycling and such…not that those things are unimportant…but with what we be toward others around us, with our attitudes and actions.

The Key?

Is that the key to saving the planet?  Who knows?  But would it be amazing and magical if it were all that was required?

Are you willing to access kindness and joy and gratitude to save the planet?

What else is possible?

Much Gratitude,

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory!



How often do we come to conclusion?

Pretty much every day, right?  What is a conclusion exactly?  Dictionary definitions include:  “final decision” or “the effect of an act by which the person performing the act is bound not to do anything inconsistent therewith.”

Conclusions might look like this:

There’s an unexpected expense that comes up and we say:  I’ll have to put that on the credit card.  (conclusion:  There is no other possible way for the money to show up.)

Maybe you go to work every day in a job you’re dissatisfied with because you have to make money.  (conclusion:  This job is the only way to generate income.)

You go home to your spouse and say:  I got laid off today, we’ll have to move in with my parents.  (conclusion:  There are no other places to go or ways to make up the loss of income.)

What do conclusions do?

Whenever we come to conclusion about something, we block out all other possibilities that might be available.  We cannot see them EVEN if they are right under our noses…because we’ve concluded that _____ is our ONLY option.

When we conclude X, or even X or Y, as our option, we are locking out the possibility of A or M or V or S being possible.

(Notice in the picture how it only gives 3 choices?  What if there are infinitely more choices in and amongst these 3?  But we can’t see those because we’ve concluded these are the only 3.)

So what’s the big deal?

Well, nothing really.

It’s not a big deal.  It is just a choice.

We can choose to see limitation and limited possibility or we can choose to see infinite possibilities.

It’s just a choice.

What will you choose?

I choose infinite possibilities.  It is way more fun after all.

How does that work?

A simple way to put this to work for you is to ask questions.  Lots of questions.  Questions open up all kinds of possibilities.

Need some ideas?

What else is possible here that I can’t even imagine?

What are the infinite possibilities this can work out better than I ever dreamed?

What’s right about this that I’m not getting?

What choice am I refusing to see in this moment?

Does that help?

It is my desire that these questions facilitate you in seeing more possibilities in life….if that’s what you would like to choose.

Happy living!

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory!

Hiding Out

I had an interesting conversation once with a young man.  He explained to me that the reason he chose his career was his fear of “the real world.”

In high school, he became aware that he was almost an adult and so began to work to excel in sports so he could ha

ve a scholarship to buy him time in his avoidance of “the real world.”

Then in college, he worked to avoid the real world by pursuing professional athletics.

As a professional athlete, his primary drive was his fear of having to enter the real w

orld, get a real job….perhaps live a real life (that part is my point of view).

Living Life

We each have a life to live.  We have things that we are here to learn or achieve or complete.  We are here to live.

What’s th

e point otherwise?  Why even be here if we are not living life?!!

Hiding Out

In what ways are you hiding out?

What are you choosing in order to hide out or avoid living life?

We all do it on some level.  We make choices, turn them into “have to’s” so we can use them as excuses for avoiding living.

Personal Confession

I work in a barn about 35 miles from my home.  I adore the place.  The barn owner has been great.  I adore working in barns, being around horses, communing with nature and such.

I’ve told myself that I “have to” work there because I need the money.  (Note:  There is a fear attached here.)

The reality is (when I look past the fear) that the money I get working there probably just covers my gas getting there and back.

What would be generative for me?  Well, maybe having more clients?  A local job?  Stay home & not use the gas?  There are infinite possibilities!

And I use it as an excuse to hide out.  It’s safe.  It’s comfortable.  It’s familiar.  Right?

Why do I do it?  It’s clearly not logical.


It’s not really real.  And we are great at making it very real.  We make it more real than living!

Fear of being rejected by friends and family.
Fear of passing others up.
Fear of judgment.
Fear of the unknown or uncertainty.

We make it so much more real than what actually is!


Stop letting fear of living rule your life!  Get out there and make the choices that actually contribute to your life and living!  If the life you are currently living is based on fear of the real world, get out there into the real world!

It’s fun!

It’s generative and rewarding!

The real world ROCKS!

Much Gratitude,

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory!

The Big, Sticky “It”

What do you find yourself doing when something isn’t working in your life?

It’s interesting how many people function from the same basic point of view when handling a problem or sticky situation.  It’s kind of like the “go-to” solution to any problem we’re faced with.  And yet, it rarely seems to work.  And it definitely doesn’t usually get us to our target.

Fix It

When something isn’t working in our lives, we tend to try and fix it.  We look at what we can do to make it better or make it work better.  We take this thing that isn’t working for us or doesn’t serve us and manipulate it to try to fit our aim in life.

We twist and contort ourselves to try and fix “it” until it approximates what we think it should be.  “It” can be anything from finances to relationships to our job or parenting.  “It” can show up in your life quite literally as anything that isn’t currently working for you.

And as I mentioned, it rarely gets us what we truly desire once it’s “fixed.”  What can even occur is that once we “fix” this “it,” we find that it’s still not quite right for what we require.  So, we set about fixing it again….and again….and again…..

Sound familiar?

A Different Possibility

What if instead of trying to fix “it” all the time, you simply asked something like…

What can I choose here that would give me a completely different result and possibility?

I know…crazy, right?

What if instead of trying to fix what isn’t working, you choose something else altogether?

What choice could I make here that would bring me on target for my life and living?

Will the answer show up immediately?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

And if you continue to ask these questions, you will over time begin to shift so that your choices will more closely approximate the life and living you truly desire to have.  Your daily actions will begin to make the shift.  Your weekly actions will bring you even closer.

Until one day…you wake up and are aware that your life is different and you are actually on target for living life.  And you may even one day have a major thought like, “I could do _____ to change my money flows.”  Then institute that idea and dynamically alter the trajectory of your life.

How cool is that?!

Go For It!

Go ahead!  Think about that thing you’ve been struggling with…that’s had you stumped and stuck…and ask those questions.  See what new and different ideas show up.  See what shifts occur.

Just see what happens!

Infinite gratitude,

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory!