Nobody’s Perfect…

Isn’t that an interesting point of view?

I am.

So are you!


All of creation is perfection.  All around us.  Everything that lives and breathes and is…it’s all perfect.

We look at the trees and notice how perfect they are.  The animals.  The birds.  Lakes.  Rivers.  Mountains.  Meadows.  Hurricanes.  Tsunamis.

They are all perfect.

Creation exists under our feet, above our heads, next to us…everywhere.  And it’s all perfect.

Nobody’s Perfect

Seriously?  Really?  Come on!

How can we believe that all of creation is perfect and that we are not?  How can we look at the trees and the valleys and a sunrise and believe that all of that perfection does not include us?

We’re cute…not bright.

Perfection does not exclude us!


Sometimes we choose things that, in hindsight, we would not choose again.  Sometimes we do things we would like to have done differently.

Our choices do not make us imperfect!  They are just choices.  They do not dictate who we are!  It’s just a choice.

My invitation

When you look at yourself, look at the perfection.  Marvel at the wonder of the perfection that is you.  Show gratitude to you and your body for the sheer magnificence they currently are!

What would it take to see you as the perfection you truly are?!

Much Gratitude,

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory!


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