Happiness Quotient…the end

The secret to happiness? Receive everything with ease, joy, gratitude and the exuberant expression of you! Let go of what doesn’t expand your life and embrace everything that does!

I know…easier said than done.  Or is it??  What if it were easy?  Who says it has to be difficult?

I can hear you…

But, Sarah, it’s not easy to just choose happiness!  You don’t understand what my life is like.  You don’t know what happened to me.

Does that reason and justification expand your life and possibilities?  Or contract?

I used to be the queen of reason and justification!  I used to have a million reasons for why I wasn’t happy or couldn’t be happy.  I was in an unfulfilling marriage.  I had friends who were only “friends” because we had children the same age…otherwise we had absolutely NO reason to be in close proximity.  All of my relationships were controlling and I felt as if I was choiceless in the choosing.  I was pretty unhappy and felt powerless to do anything about it.

Marriage – I said til death do us part and dammit, I’m gonna honor my word.  I’m stubborn and I don’t quit.  I can’t possibly choose to leave…that’s not an option.

Friends – If I don’t spend time with these people, I’ll be cooped up in this house all day and night with the kids and I’ll go nuts.  And it’s good for the kids to play and socialize.  I can’t stunt their development!  I’d be a horrible mother.

Controlling relationships – They only do/say those things because they care so much.  (Yes, I was a bit delusional then.)

Unhappy – This is just the way life is.  All this stuff happens to me and makes me unhappy.

Then I grew up…

Not really.  I did, however, become aware of the fact that happiness is a choice and I was not taking responsibility for my choices.

If I desired more happiness, then it was necessary for me to take responsibility for my choices and eliminate those things which do not contribute to my happiness.

And guess what?!?

All those choices that were not contributing to my happiness…I don’t even miss them!  Haven’t missed them for even a minute.

And now, I have loads of happy and joy all the time, because I choose those things which contribute to happiness.

How does it get any better than that!?


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  1. Great post, Sarah! It’s absolutely the most freeing, most empowering, most AMAZING gift we can give ourselves…when we LOVE ourselves enough to CHOOSE our happiness. So right on. And…how cool is it, really, that our happiness is positively NOT dependent on any THING outside ourselves?! Way cool!

    It’s the self-love and the self empowerment/worth thing that really does it…
    Golden Ticket, I always say…
    Rock the Self-Love and Appreciation and the choosing of all else is crystal clear, easy-peasy…FUN, JOY-FULL & Brilliant!

    How does it get any better than that!?!
    Feeling your passion ignited.
    Seeing your Brilliance shining, Sarah!!!
    YAY YOU!!!! 🙂

    1. Awww…Thanks Debra! How does it!?! It’s amazing how few people get that…happiness is not dependent on anything outside of us. I am SO grateful for the awareness that happiness is my choice. xoxo

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