I hadn’t heard of this before and when I started working with my coach and dear friend, Wendy Hart, 3 1/2 years ago, she mentioned tolerations and for whatever reason, it just didn’t sink in.  It skipped right outta my brain like a stone skipping across water.  And this week that stone finally stopped skipping & went in!  How does it get better than that?!

Wendy mentioned tolerations again in a group coaching call and I had the hugest light bulb moment.  I felt like Gru on Despicable Me, “Light. Bulb.”

What are tolerations?

In case you aren’t aware of what this means, I’ll start with filling in that gap.  Merriam-Webster defines tolerations as “the act or practice of tolerating something.”

Coaches and professional organizers say that tolerations are…

those things that bug you, zap your energy and drain your resources.

Sounds fun, huh?

My Toleration

I joke that laundry is my arch nemesis.  And it might be funny…if it weren’t true!  This is me and laundry:

I despise laundry because it’s never done!  I did somewhere in the ball park of 10 loads of laundry..then the kids took showers and got jammies on and the basket was 1/2 full of dirty clothes again!  Just when I think, “YAY!  All the laundry is done.”  I turn around and it’s back.  It’s like the laundry mates and has babies or something!

Now, if I had this guy to help me…

Hunky laundry partner

I might look more like this woman on laundry day.

But since I don’t have eye candy, I look much more like that woman in the first picture.

And soooooooo I procrastinate on doing laundry.  I put it off until my son says, “Mom, I don’t have any underwear.”  Or until my daughter says, “Mom, I wore my last clean pair of jeans yesterday.”  Oops!

THIS is a toleration in my life.  It is something sitting undone that I know requires being done that saps my of my energy.

Last week…

Last week on our coaching call (about business, not laundry), Wendy talked again about tolerations.  She also talked about just taking action…any action.  That even if the action doesn’t seem directly related to business, just taking action will move us in the direction we desire to go.

Soooooooooooo, I got off the phone with her & the others in the group and I unpacked from vacation, did a few loads of laundry, scrubbed the bathroom, and put away some things that were sitting around.  And when I was done, I didn’t even realize how much I’d done.

I think Wendy must have hypnotized me or something.  😉

And then next day it continued.  And today I washed the blinds and cleaned the windows and did more laundry.  I got the love seat donated to The Hope Chest (which was another toleration..sitting in an awkward space with no purpose) and made room for more things to come into my life.

Taking Action Feels GREAT!

Wendy was right about that.  Taking action feels great.  And oddly enough, I got a few “out of the blue” calls about business too.

Sooooooooooooo, once again, my invitation to you is to chip away at those tolerations.  Get them out of the way so that your life can move forward.

Much Gratitude,

What else is possible that I haven’t even dreamed of??


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