What if your vulnerability made you beautiful?

The power of vulnerability

I adore surrounding myself with those who choose vulnerability!  What makes you vulnerable?  I’ll go first!  (in comments)

Much Gratitude,

What else is possible?!?!



  1. Caring for people so deeply and wholly knowing that they may not EVER reciprocate that caring.
    Being ME knowing that certain people may not choose to experience me.
    Giving myself completely.
    To be grateful in the tough times as well as the good times.

  2. Well, intersting . . . this is timely. 😉 And your first two can pretty much say say it so . . . ‘ditto’ and add:

    Caring for people so deeply and wholly knowing that they may never even know it’s there.

    Be ME knowing that ME isn’t who they are seeing.

  3. I agree with all your same vulnerabilities.
    I feel most vulnerable when I put my heart in whatever I do, wether it is in a relationship or in my artwork and I hope my hear will not get crushed. Its tough to put yourself out there and not know how you will be perceived by others.

    1. I perceive that *is* the essence of vulnerability Maggie…putting yourself out there, not knowing how it will be received/perceived by others. I’ve heard it said that to be vulnerable is to be as the open wound…totally exposed.

      I know that the relationships that I have with people and the work I do where I am totally vulnerable…it really is the best! The best relationship or the best work.

      AND it’s important to note: Being vulnerable does not mean you shut off your awareness of those people who take advantage…or are just jerks. I doesn’t mean being a doormat for the world to walk over and stomp on. It doesn’t mean living life blinded to all those.

  4. What makes me vulnerable?

    *Living out loud. Living the juicy, wacky, wonderful, BRILLIANT me with JOYful abandon!
    *Seeing life through my eyes…and sharing what I see with the world…and not having a care in the world if anyone chooses to see it my way…and loving them all just the same.
    *Talking to, sharing a smile with (and sometimes hugging) perfect strangers, much to the chagrin of my 16 yr. old son who seems to think keeping to oneself is somehow preferred. *hah! I’m definitely modeling no holds barred vulnerability for him!*
    *Reveling in the magic of this amazing planet…talking to animals…talking to trees, rocks and flowers, singing and dancing my heart out.
    *Loving. Just for the sake of loving. Loving because I’m a lover. Loving because that’s what I’m born to do. Watch out…you may be in my LOVE path! hehe

    The very things that bring me JOY…are what makes me vulnerable. They are integral. Inseparable. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Thanks for sharing this video, Sarah! The timing was impeccable. Of course, it was! 🙂 I’ve written a post about the video ( …& included a link here to you.

    Keep Shining, Brilliant One!! XO

    1. Awww, Debra, I adore you!!! Love your vulnerabilities! Thanks for sharing with me. How’d I get so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life???! I hope I’m in your LOVE path! Sounds awesome! xoxo

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