Tools for Riches

Last time, I talked about riches and what I learned sitting in church one Sunday morning.  And then I promised some tools, so here they are.

Tool #1:

Look at what you have.

How often do we spend time focused on what we don’t have?  A new phone is unveiled and suddenly we can’t live without some new technology that we didn’t even know existed when we rolled out of bed this morning.  We see the neighbors pull in their driveway in a new vehicle and suddenly the vehicle we drive needs replacing.

What if instead we focus on what we do have?  What if we stop looking at what we don’t have?

Tool #2:

Eliminate “need” and “want” from your vocabulary…it focuses on the fact that you are lacking those items … Do you really desire to focus on your lacks?

What would happen…what might show up…if  you look at what you have and what you like and ask for that to expand?

Tool #3:

Gratitude.  Gratitude.  Gratitude.

How often do you have gratitude for all that you have?

Tool #4:

I am completely aware of how cliche this sounds…Are you aware that richness is far more than the money in your bank account?  That it’s more than the cash in your wallet?

Would you be willing to see the richness around you?

Tool #5:

Destroy and uncreate anything that gets in the way of your awareness of the riches all around you.

Destroy and uncreate any limiting beliefs you have around riches, what riches are, what it means to be rich and anything else in there that hasn’t been specifically named.

Much Gratitude!!


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