A Case of the Mondays

It’s interesting how many people seem to loathe Mondays. There are pictures about the Mondays.

There are movies that talk about the Mondays!


What is it about Monday that is so dread-full that we coined the phrase “the Mondays?”


Let’s look at the Mondays for a moment….

It’s the day most people return to work.  Monday signifies the end of the weekend, presumably filled with play and fun, and the return to work, presumably not-so-much-with-the-fun.  And yet, there are plenty of people whose work week is Wednesday through Sunday and they even complain about the Mondays.

So, maybe that’s not it.

I checked out Google “why people hate Mondays” and the answers were pretty much the same…

Start of the work week
Start of the school week
Back to responsibilities
Back to reality

What if there were a different way of looking at the Mondays?

We create our reality with our choices.  If we choose to have the Mondays and operate as if Monday is filled with dread and blah and awful things, guess what will show up?!!  A day filled with dread and blah and awful things!!!  We could create the Mondays on any day of the week, just by our point of view about that day.

What if Mondays were like this?


Because having the Mondays is, afterall, a choice that we make.  And we can easily choose to turn the Monday blahs into the Monday ahhhhs!


An even greater possibility for Mondays…

What if you enjoyed your job so much that every day was Monday and Friday all at once?!!!  How cool would that be?

Or what if you could create your own schedule so that you could work on the days you choose to work and never have the Mondays again???

It’s possible!  I make it happen that way every….single….day


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