Adversity or Struggle

Let’s face it.  We have all run into adversity in our lives.  We have come up against obstacles that either called out the fighter in us or called out the runner.  Everyone handles adversity in their own way, at their own pace.

I read a quote recently that, once again, got me thinking.


Adversity is not the same as struggle.

Even grass encounters adversity in the form of concrete or landscape fabric.  And yet, it still grows…without struggle.  (Believe me, my flower beds are proof!  How does it DO that?!!)

Water encounters adversity in the form of rocks or trees or banks.  Yet, it flows…without struggle.

What does this tell us about the nature of our lives?  Struggle is un-natural.  We are not meant to struggle.

Adversity, on the other hand, is part of living and yet, not synonymous with struggle.

How can we move through life, even adversity, without struggle?

It’s really simple.  Let go of making things into a struggle.

Better yet, let go of the belief that life is meant to be a struggle!

What if we all gave up the idea that life = struggle?  I know people like that.  I used to live like that.  If I wasn’t struggling somehow, I wasn’t living.  People create drama and trauma and struggle as if that is a measure of whether or not they are real or valuable or living.  Can we please let that go??!

Not sure how to let go of struggle and embrace adversity in a way that creates a life filled with ease?

Doesn’t seem possible?

Are you willing to at least explore the possibility that it might be?



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