Living Badass

I saw this quote the other day.  It had no reference to an author and I couldn’t find one on Google either.  It really landed for me.


Have you ever felt this way?

You’ve had so many obstacles and bumps in the road and diversions that your life looks NOTHING like you thought.  Maybe people have been unkind.  Maybe you’ve been through hell.

My Badass Life

I had the perfect life all planned out.  I knew exactly where I was headed and how I wanted to get there.

But living is messy.

Not too far into my well-planned life, I found myself expecting a surprise baby and moving to another state.  While not planned, the baby was such a gift and has continued to be an amazing gift and contribution to my life.  A year later, I quit my job to stay home (totally not expected…I didn’t think prior to having her that I’d have a desire to be a stay home mom.)  A few years later, we adopted a family member whose mom was in some trouble.  And a few years after that, I was a single mom after a very messy divorce.

Living is messy.

I managed to thrive. I got through 100% of those days!

Thankfully, I had tools to move through most those changes with very little upset.  That was helpful.  That messy divorce that could have had me in the fetal position, instead had me laughing and playing joyfully through it, patiently waiting it out.  (Never dreamed that was possible.)

And now a few years later, I am married to an amazing and fun man who I am infinitely grateful for.

I guess my life is pretty badass!!

What if a badass life could be fun and easy instead of being painful and traumatic??  Can you consider that possibility?


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