A Matter of Heart

As the election approaches and Democrats & Republicans & Independents all remain divided and as candidates debate issues, telling America what they think we want to hear, I have been aware of a few things that I thought I would get in writing here. As the circus travels from town to town and is spread all over television, I notice a few things about it all.

I know my words mean little and maybe someone somewhere will look at this and it will resonate.

Current state of affairs

We live in this world where everything and everyone is divided. You up, me down. You left, me right, him in the middle, her over there. People labeled. Animals tortured. Children tortured. Wars. People screaming at each other and NO ONE listening.

The matter?

As I look around me at people, I see a common thread.


People are so separated! We are separated from each other. We are separated from the Earth. We are separated from nature and all it has to gift us. Families separated. Communities separated.

In our attempts to join every platform and be more connected, we have only created more and more separation.

Most of all, we are separated from ourselves. We become so enamored with pushing an agenda or taking a side, that we separate from ourselves. And when we separate from ourself, we cannot connect with others. The more we try to connect with them by siding with them or agreeing with their agenda or getting them to agree with our agenda, the more separate we become from who we truly are.

The Heart

It’s a heart matter.

As separation increases so with it violence.

Many in our country are concerned over guns. Many are concerned over abortion. Many are concerned over war. Some share concern over greed and elitists.

ALL of this ties back to one thing.

Gun violence is a heart matter.
Abortion is a heart matter.
War is a heart matter.
Greed is a heart matter.
It is ALL a matter of heart.

We are so far removed from ourselves.

The gangs that drive through and shoot up houses don’t have a gun problem, they have a heart matter. The people who start wars have a heart matter. People who are greedy and care only about what they think they want….you guessed it…heart matter.

So why?

Why the focus on guns? Why the focus on wars? Why the focus on planned parenthood? Why the focus on the rich?

Because we cannot change someone’s heart as easily as we can take away their guns or tax their money. We cannot change another person’s heart. That choice is theirs to make….or not make.

We have no control over that and we don’t like it. So we try to control what we can control. Gun control. Drug control. War control. Birth control.

We don’t like what we can’t control. We can’t control others’ choice for separation and division. We can’t make someone become re-connected with their true inner self. We can’t make them look at their heart.

So we lash out in every direction. Guess what? That only creates more separation.

Look inward. How am I contributing to separation right now? What can I do to change that for me?


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