Month: June 2016

Before I came…


Before I came to Earth, our father told me about you. When I was unsure how I might ever find you, he assured me that I would know you. That I would know your love. That I would know your kindness and adoration and I would recognize it instantly.

When I came to Earth, I looked for you in every face I met. I searched and searched and soon enough, I found you. Our father was right…I could feel your love so deeply and I knew from the moment our eyes met that you adored me. We had many great years together, you and I. We spent time in the sun and in the rain, in the warm and in the cold. We snuggled together and we played fetch and took long walks. They were the best years of my life.

When my body had worn out and it was time to leave the Earth, just like our father said, I could feel your love because you gave me the greatest gift and held my paw as I drifted away. I watched you cry because I know you miss me but I’m still here. I’m right with you and I watch you every day. When the sun is warm and you think of me, know that I am by your side basking in the warmth of your love…always.

~Sarah Dawn

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