About Sarah

So, you may be asking yourself:  Who is this woman?  What in the world is she talking about?  And what on Earth gives her the right to be so dang happy?
Well, here it is.

Who is this woman?

Clearly, my name is Sarah. I currently reside in Minnesota. I have two teenagers and 3 step-teenagers who keep me relatively busy and are one of the many joys of my living. I have a doting husband who helps me run this 3-ring circus.  🙂

I adore my children.  I adore beautiful things and beautiful spaces.  I adore my horses, my dogs.  I adore what I get to do every day and who I get to be every day!

I am an energy mover of magnitude.  It’s super fun!

I spent most of 2009/2010 going through a very ugly divorce and constantly putting out fires all over the place that “ex” started to … probably try to make me crazy, honestly.  But here’s the crazy part: I was virtually untouchable.  Unaffected by this insanity.  Unaffected by the attacks.  I actually found a way to ENJOY this time….because I know how to MOVE ENERGY!!!  How’s it get any better than that?!?!

What in the world is she talking about?

I’m talking about living the life we all say we would like to live, but so few of us actually live.  I’m talking about putting YOU in the equation of your life and choosing those things which contribute to YOUR living.

And when those things seem impossible, because the energy is stuck & locked up in jail somewhere inside, I go in and get it to MOVE!  I’m an energy mover…yep, that’s what I do.

What on Earth gives her the right to be so dang happy?

Truthfully, nothing gives me the right … It’s just a choice.  I choose JOY in each and every circumstance.  Why would I choose otherwise?  Yea, I could wallow in self-pity.  I could sit around moping about how life somehow screwed me over.  I could feel sorry for myself that all this “stuff” happened to me.  Or I can just acknowledge that I made some choices and be JOYful that I am alive and living the life I chose (even if now, those choices seem kind of stupid).

My Invitation

Join me on this ride!!  I can guarantee a few things:  It will not be boring.  I will show up how I show up.  I will NOT post everyday!!! 😀

Much Gratitude,

All of Life Comes to Me With Ease, Joy and Glory!


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