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A Case of the Mondays

It’s interesting how many people seem to loathe Mondays. There are pictures about the Mondays.

There are movies that talk about the Mondays!


What is it about Monday that is so dread-full that we coined the phrase “the Mondays?”


Let’s look at the Mondays for a moment….

It’s the day most people return to work.  Monday signifies the end of the weekend, presumably filled with play and fun, and the return to work, presumably not-so-much-with-the-fun.  And yet, there are plenty of people whose work week is Wednesday through Sunday and they even complain about the Mondays.

So, maybe that’s not it.

I checked out Google “why people hate Mondays” and the answers were pretty much the same…

Start of the work week
Start of the school week
Back to responsibilities
Back to reality

What if there were a different way of looking at the Mondays?

We create our reality with our choices.  If we choose to have the Mondays and operate as if Monday is filled with dread and blah and awful things, guess what will show up?!!  A day filled with dread and blah and awful things!!!  We could create the Mondays on any day of the week, just by our point of view about that day.

What if Mondays were like this?


Because having the Mondays is, afterall, a choice that we make.  And we can easily choose to turn the Monday blahs into the Monday ahhhhs!


An even greater possibility for Mondays…

What if you enjoyed your job so much that every day was Monday and Friday all at once?!!!  How cool would that be?

Or what if you could create your own schedule so that you could work on the days you choose to work and never have the Mondays again???

It’s possible!  I make it happen that way every….single….day



Last night I stood outside while the horses ate their grain. I love standing there, listening to the slow munching and gentle sighs. It’s my own little slice of heaven.

As I was standing there, I watched the stars move slowly across the sky above us. I could see Orion quite clearly, even with traces of high clouds. In my peripheral vision, I noticed a cluster of stars. It was roughly the size of my thumb from where I stood. But when I moved my eyes to look at it, I couldn’t see it. I looked away toward another star and could clearly see a cluster of many, many stars. Again, when I looked at the spot where it was, it was gone.

I thought a lot about focus standing there. How often, when we focus on something, we actually lose sight of it. How when we hold tightly to something, we lose it.

Why is this?

I am aware that when I try to focus intently on something, I really contract down to concentrate that much. I squint my eyes. I even tighten my body more. When I relax my focus, when I relax my brow & drop my shoulders, I can actually see more clearly.

This has happened to me during a guided meditation too. The facilitator was talking and we were relaxing more and more into the meditation and a picture began to come to me. I tried to focus on the picture and it went away. I found myself searching the backs of my eyelids with my eyeballs. When I let go and began to relax again, it began to come to me. Again, I tried to see what it was and “look at it.” It quickly went away.

What if NOT focusing on something is the key to bringing it to you?

What if letting it go is what is required?

Have you ever lost something…the vision of something perhaps…trying too hard to focus on it?

Much Gratitude!

Feeling Cold

Minnesota is an interesting place to live. I think it takes a certain kind of somebody to live here. I am certainly not that kind of somebody 75% of the time. I cannot stand the cold that is Minnesota winters. I love to talk about how I can’t wait to leave this frozen tundra.

All that being said…

An interesting thing occurred this morning as I was filling the water trough and putting out hay for the horses. I began to sweat. I was sweating quite a lot for me…in January. The interesting part is that I wasn’t wearing 500 layers. I was wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a coat. I had just gotten out of the shower and had my wet hair twisted up in a towel. I wore gloves so I wouldn’t get my hands wet.

Then I began to think…

Maybe it’s warmer out than I thought it was supposed to be.

Upon returning to the house to dry my hair while the tank filled, I checked the weather app. 9⁰ out. That’s right, folks, NINE DEGREES!

Why the heck am I sweating in 9⁰ when just last week I was wearing full snow gear in 20⁰ weather?

Bodies can be strange.

At the start of fall, 40⁰ feels frigid. But by spring, that same temperature means I no longer wear a coat outside.

Today, in 9° weather, I didn’t feel cold. How awesome is that?

What if feeling is all relative? What if feeling changes with each passing day?

Oh, wait! It does.

Feelings aren’t permanent.

So, if you feel like crap today….

What else is possible that I never even imagined?
How can the day show up better than I ever thought?
How does it get better than this?

And if today, you feel fabulous…

What else is possible that I never even imagined?
How can the day show up better than I ever thought?
How does it get better than this?

Because it can always get better than we think it can!!

Much Graitude,


Tools for Riches

Last time, I talked about riches and what I learned sitting in church one Sunday morning.  And then I promised some tools, so here they are.

Tool #1:

Look at what you have.

How often do we spend time focused on what we don’t have?  A new phone is unveiled and suddenly we can’t live without some new technology that we didn’t even know existed when we rolled out of bed this morning.  We see the neighbors pull in their driveway in a new vehicle and suddenly the vehicle we drive needs replacing.

What if instead we focus on what we do have?  What if we stop looking at what we don’t have?

Tool #2:

Eliminate “need” and “want” from your vocabulary…it focuses on the fact that you are lacking those items … Do you really desire to focus on your lacks?

What would happen…what might show up…if  you look at what you have and what you like and ask for that to expand?

Tool #3:

Gratitude.  Gratitude.  Gratitude.

How often do you have gratitude for all that you have?

Tool #4:

I am completely aware of how cliche this sounds…Are you aware that richness is far more than the money in your bank account?  That it’s more than the cash in your wallet?

Would you be willing to see the richness around you?

Tool #5:

Destroy and uncreate anything that gets in the way of your awareness of the riches all around you.

Destroy and uncreate any limiting beliefs you have around riches, what riches are, what it means to be rich and anything else in there that hasn’t been specifically named.

Much Gratitude!!


Sometimes I wonder if it’s of value to share what I see or hear or experience.  I know there are some who benefit from what is shared here or what comes from others.  In the end, it’s worth it if even one person gains new insight or awareness.

I was in church on Sunday and the talk for the day was on money regrets in a series entitled “Shoulda Woulda Coulda.”

He asked some questions and for a show of hands, so I would like to pose these questions to those here…

Are you rich?
Do you have a car?
You are rich.
Do you have seasonal wardrobes..clothes you wear in fall, clothes for summer, shoes to match your handbags?
You are rich.
Do you keep change in the ash tray of your car?
You are RICH!  Only a rich person would keep money in a trash can!!!

He has  a point, you know.   How often do we focus on all that we lack?

Global Rich List

He pointed us to a website where you can enter your annual salary & it will tell you how rich you are compared to the rest of the world.

Did you know that if you make $36K a year, you are in the top 4.33% richest people in the world?  4.33%!!!  The US Department of Health & Human Services shows that a single individual making $10,889/year is below poverty level, yet compared to the world, it puts that individual in the top 13.12%.  Isn’t that phenomenal?!

So why do we feel so not-rich?

We are absolutely genius at focusing on what we do not have!  We are fed a constant stream of the latest-and-greatest and reminded of how what we bought a week ago is no longer “the best.”

Would you be willing to let go of the idea that what you have is not enough?  That what you are is not enough?

Would you be willing to be grateful to be in the top 15% or top 5% or whatever?

Would you be willing to acknowledge that you are rich?  That you have everything you require right now in this moment?

What’s Next…

I’d like you to ponder this for a bit.  Let it sink in.  Ask yourself these questions (and more) around this topic and look for new insights.  In the next post, I’ll provide some tools for you.

In Gratitude,


I read a wonderful blog with a very interesting point of view.  It was beautifully written.  The main topic was about light…it was based on the Martin Luther King quote:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

As I read this blog and the comments that followed, the prevailing theme was interesting.  It seemed that the majority of the people believed that light and love came from somewhere else.  It was something you had to let in.  Something you had to get.

I have a very different point of view…

(That’s not totally unusual.  I find I often have a different point of view than most.)

I perceive that each of us IS light and love.  It’s our innate nature.  It’s who we are at our core.  Only, for whatever reason, we hide that.

We hide it from our famiy.
We hide it from friends.
From co-worker or business associates.

We hide it from ourselves!

We are very cute….and not so much bright, sometimes.

Why on Earth we choose that is beyond me.  And we do.  We hide our light and love.

And then we’re even cuter!

Because we act as if it’s something we have to get from somewhere else.  *rotfl*

It’s us.  We hide it…so well that we don’t even know it’s there.  And then we pretend like we have to get it elsewhere.

That’s funny.


Stop denying who you are.  Stop hiding your light and love from everyone, including you.  Stop pretending like you’re going to find it somewhere else.

It’s been right here all along.  Right where you left it.  Just waiting for you to remember it was there.  It’s like it’s saying (in the cutest little kid voice ever), “Hello.  Can you hear me?  I’m right here.  Here I am.  Remember?  You put me right here.”  It’s waving it’s little arm going, “Pick me. Pick me.”

And still we search.

We are so cute!

Much Gratitude,

What else is possible?!