My desire is to facilitate anyone who chooses to read these posts in opening up to a new possibility in life….or to open up to many new possibilities!  There are infinite possibilities available in each and every circumstance and I’d like to cause people to sit up & think…”Huh. I never thought of *that* before.”

What is generation? defines generation as a “coming into being.”

It also talks about the type of generations like “baby boomers” and “generation X”…but that’s not quite what I’m talking about here.

I’m referring to bringing something into being.

Generating As Fun

Generating can be quite fun, right?

A new book.  A song.  Even generating some item…clothes or a car.  It’s quite fun.

Generating From Fun

What if you could actually generate everything you desire in life *from* fun??

What if the more you played and did things that are fun for you, the more you generated everything you desire in life?

And what if generating from fun actually made generating more easy?  (I’ll wait while you get up from the floor.)

What ARE You Talking About, Sarah?!

What I am referring to here is the idea that the more you step into being you and being and doing the things that are fun for you, the more generative your life becomes.  To the point of almost being on autopilot.

Here’s an example:

This summer, I had LOTS of fun.  I took the kids to the park and the pool and we went for walks and played silly games and snuggled.  We took the dogs to the dog park.  We spent some time riding our horse.  We played….a lot.  And in the course of all that play, my business grew with no effort on my part and money flowed easily.  (Isn’t that interesting?)

Then there was a month, where in a moment of semi-panic, I lost sight of fun.  I didn’t have much fun at all.  I was too busy trying to make something happen in my life and I didn’t have time for fun.  And everything STOPPED.  I generated zero new business.  And the money flow all but dried up.  (Isn’t *that* interesting?!)

When I became aware of what had occurred…of what I was choosing and what I was not choosing…and I chose to go back to having fun, everything flowed easily again and the thing that I had been trying to make happen fell perfectly into place with no effort on my part.

Seriously.  I would not lie to you.  It did.

So…What Would You Like To Choose?

Effortless generation?  Or lots of effort with little generation?

Everything that doesn’t allow you to choose effortless generation and everything that gets in the way of you knowing, deep in your gut, that effortless generation is possible, will you let that all go?

Have Fun Generating From Fun!

Much Gratitude,

All of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy and Glory!